Vytech - Vyda

ProVyda Parts Dispensing Unit

ProVyda is an industrial parts dispensing unit designed for industrial, commercial and retail applications.

Predominantly utilised in engineering and maintenance applications the ProVyda unit is designed to securely store and control parts and consumables at the point of use, with a combination of secure drawer systems (that use a patented drawer control system) and locker storage units the ProVyda dispensing unit will accommodate both small and large critical production parts and maintenance spares with a high degree of accuracy.

ProVyda Meeting the Needs of Industry

The ProVyda system has been developed with the needs and requirements of many industries in mind, however working from an engineering background there is still the need in the world wide market for control apparatus that can hold many different types of parts in the smallest most efficient footprint possible.

With this in mind, Vytech has developed a machine that can hold a large quantity of small parts such as carbide tips up to large parts such as CNC tooling all within the same unit with unmatched control and flexibility.

A standard single ProVyda unit is able to hold a staggering 7200 individual small parts such as carbide tips, against the 960 parts of its next best rival and all controlled by ground breaking features that greatly reduce the common problems faced by current dispensing technologies.

Our standard ProVyda system uses the latest web-based technologies to provide unparalleled ease of use and accessibility in conjunction with full automation making ProVyda a cost effective control methodology that will quickly establish itself in the parts control market worldwide.

System Features


With the need for individual drawers the current leading vending solutions can be inefficient, with a standard drawer tray width of 400mm a standard 4 across drawer only has 180mm of usable space, the drawer runners and mechanisms waste nearly half the drawer capacity.

The ProVyda has an internal width of 680mm but at a 12 across only has 85mm of unused space: ProVyda Unit Max Capacity: 12 Drawers X 20 Compartments X 30 Levels = 7200 Drawer Compartments.

For a 30% wider footprint the ProVyda gives 7.5 times more capacity than other market leading system, considerably reducing the size of multiple machines on the shop floor.


The ProVyda is one of the world’s first semi-automated parts vending solution, other systems are constantly jamming or breaking due to wear and tear, users slamming the drawers back, forcing the compartments or generally misusing the system. With the ProVyda’s semi-automated drawers there is no need for the user to interact with the drawer other than to remove the parts and push it shut, with the addition of resistance control the drawer is returned smoothly without the possibility of damage due to slamming.

Setting Up

A key benefits for choosing the ProVyda parts vending solution is the administrative access. Our web based system enables any authorised person to log in from any PC that has an internet connection, the interface is simple and the parts can be easily assigned using a drag and drop interface.

Speed & Power

Because the ProVyda system uses the latest web based programming and SQL database, it’s quick! Information is displayed instantaneously without delay also the power of the programming enables machines anywhere in the world to communicate and share data.


The ProVyda system has a range of lockers that can be activated in the same way as a drawer, the ProVyda locker have a bigger footprint and can hold up to 40% more parts than the nearest equivalent.

The Bigger Picture

ProVyda can practically work in any industry and application but Vytech doesn’t stop at the line side vending.

The driving goal is to provide full customer parts control for any requirement that the customer needs from RFID control of stores areas with us of the ProPod (RFID Portal) system, satellite stores using Microstore³ and standard inventory control with the powerful Gateway software, all our systems work together to provide a full control “umbrella” that enables any company complete traceability and control of any parts using the Vytech solutions.

Vyda Locker

Unique Features


This feature is unique to the ProVyda, when a user needs to physically see a part before a transaction is made they can select the part and press the pre-view button, this will open the drawer with all the see through plastic slides in place enabling the user to see the part and confirm it is the part they require before an incorrect part is withdrawn.

Picking List

The ProVyda enables picking lists to be created for parts required, this means that when all the parts the user requires have been selected the drawers open sequentially, reducing the need to go to the screen several times to complete a transaction.


One of the common problems for operators is setting up and using restrictions or allowances, as most companies using restrictions find when an individual user or user group need to be prevented from getting a part they shouldn’t be using. The ProVyda Parts reservation facility allows a team leader or administrator to select parts in the standard user interface and reserve them to a group or individual, these parts can be seen by everyone but only accessible to those who have reserved them.

Expiration and calibration

The ProVyda unit can incorporate expiration, calibration and fixed date criteria against any part in the unit, also when a part has reached any of the criteria put against it will email the appropriate recipient to remove, rotate or consume the part in question.

Time limits

One of the most frustrating issues with current vending technology is the backlog of information that has to be waded through when returns or replenishments need to be made, data has to be manually removed periodically and therefore administered on a regular basis.

The ProVyda enables you to set time limits on all parts so that parts outstanding on returns or that have disappeared on a shop floor can be reported on automatically and cleared off the system.

The ProVyda can operate as a standalone system without any internet connection or as part of a wider infrastructure, every part and every transaction is given a unique encrypted “Tag” that means every single part in every machine can be reported on, shared and displayed to any logged in user of the system anywhere in the world.


The Vytech range of inventory control developments are all designed to interact and integrate with each other so information can be shared between the ProPod (RFID Portal), ProVyda and bespoke RFID and Barcode products. This means that parts transferred or used in other areas can be interrogated and reported on as part of the reports package.

Remote Control

All of the Vytech solutions including the ProVyda can be accessed through the web from anywhere, assistance and training can be given “Live” without the need for a site visit, this also enables updates and amendments to be made to the system without disturbing Staff or making costly call outs for simple requirements.

Software Features

Search facility

At its core the ProVyda is web based any part can be linked to the supplier information on their respective web sites, COSH data, cad drawings, datasheets can all be linked to the required part or item and access through the web with a simple scroll bar to view each page.

The ProVyda software is very simple to use, with the touch screen users can find what they want with only the need to look at one or two screens at most, no trawling through screen after screen and back again to look for the simplest item, when additional information is needed, a simple pop up screen appears on the screen showing all the additional information that is available.


All the reports can be simply accessed via the internet or locally on the machine and automated to give quick and simple access to the information required.

Compartment status

Another key feature of ProVyda is the ability to have specific conditions for each compartment. This means that if there is a reusable or returnable part that needs placing in a drawer, the part can be given a condition for each compartment in the drawer;

For example, If you wanted to put a new solder station in a drawer but in the same drawer two solder stations are already in there that have been refurbished or repaired and perhaps another stored without any cost attached, the new unit price will be reflected when the new solder station is removed.

The refurbished price will be reflected when the refurbished solder station is removed, and the first owned solder station would be shown as FOC all in the same drawer, instead of using three separate location for the same part the ProVyda would only need one.


A powerful benefit of the ProVyda software is the favourites list; this lets a user see the parts thathe or she selects on a regular basis saving the need to continually scroll through pages of items to find the parts they regularly use.