Vytech - Pod

ProPod RFID Portal

Launched in 2007 in response to customer requirements for greater unmanned control of maintenance and engineering stores areas, ProPod Portal been installed in a number of customer sites throughout the United Kingdom to much acclaim. With current installations in automotive, electronics, food and pharmaceutical clients, the Pod offers an industry wide solution designed to meet the following requirements:

  • Strategic inventory availability
  • Automated stock replenishment
  • Restricted employee access
  • Allocation of spend to cost centre, expense code, asset etc.
  • Inventory reduction
  • Obsolescence management

Through automated capture of transactions, ProPod Portal provides live information on stock levels and incorporates automated replenishment routines.

  • 24-7 secure, restricted access to stock at all times
  • Stock takes and cycle counts are dramatically reduced. A typical stores with 10,000 line items can be counted utilising a hand scanner in around 2 hours
  • The ProPod is implemented as part of the Vytech inventory management improvement process.

How it Works

ProPod portal uses a four antenna cross-over configuration that gives a wide-band detection field of up to six metres, this enables full signal coverage to the entrance and exit portal.

After parts are delivered, checked and signed for items taken to the main ProPod controlled stores area. The supplier / customer staff member then swipes to gain access to the main stores area.

The parts awaiting replenishment are scanned by the portal and the parts are automatically booked in, or confirmed against a sales order or stock transfer number that is encoded on the tag.

Every part in a stores area that is controlled by the ProPod portal has an RFID tag attached, this is achieved using several methods best suited to the application to give optimum efficiency for your specific needs.

The ProPod header cards allow parts to be suspended on louvered panels or placed in drawers or shelves.