Vytech - Marketplace

Marketplace e-procurement platform

Advanced Search algorithms

The Marketplace provides a simple and effective web interface with which to locate, view and compare products from all your suppliers. Thousands of products are available via the system with the ability to add catalogues for both small OEM to large global suppliers.

Key benefits of the Marketplace include:

  • Full work flow visibility and control over budgets suppliers, products and pricing
  • Accessible to all suppliers no matter how large or small
  • Fully mapped data environment to drive business intelligence
  • Single search across all suppliers and all products for rapid part selection
  • Product comparison to drive optimal selection purchasing
  • Dynamic updating of product, price and part information

Vytech's advanced search technology is designed to ensure users find the right products for their needs as quickly as possible. Simply enter keywords, product names, applications, part or catalogue numbers, and click to search across all products simultaneously. Products are presented in a rich format and assigned to product categories with specific attributes. This allows fast searching and product comparison. All products are mapped to local coding and international classification systems. Our data cleansing and normalisation processes enable data to be comparable across your supply base.

Marketplace is designed to drive compliance whilst supporting better buying decisions so budgets go further, combined with the Inventory management hardware, this is truly a unique system that provides the optimal solution with a rapid ROI.