Vytech - Gateway


Gateway to better Information

Software Systems

Working in conjunction with the many hardware systems that are available there are a range of software systems employed to manage, collect and distribute the information gathered from each of the devices and this enables operators to interact with the technology to harvest and review the data collected.

Working in conjunction with the information reporting tools we also provide conectors to interface with e-procurement marketplace enabling organisations to fully control the purchase of ad-hoc parts and automated the replenishment of stores and technology controlled items.

Developing Software for industry

The e-Gateway software suite is a collection of applications and tools to enable each organisation using the parts control technology to manage their stores processes and replenishment requirements.

The e-Gateway tools can be accessed on any web enabled device including smart phones and tablets however some of the applications require connection to a PC computer with additional hardware connected e.g. the bag and tag process.

All of these features are made available and provide everything required to manage their technology implementation. The tools and applications are broken down into three sections:

  • Reporting tools and parts and operator movements
  • Technology operation applications
  • Customer support applications

Technology Reporting Tools

The Gateway reporting tools are collection of real-time and historical reports that enable authorised system operators to gain access to information regarding movements and transactions from the technology and stores system. These include: Parts movements, Device transactions, Encoded parts history, Zero stock levels, User are budget status.

Technology operation applications

The Gateway technology operations applications are collection of essential and useful applications required day-to-day the successful running of the technology installation these include standard required applications such as the parts encoding process and include additional features that aid each client installation with all the tools required to gain the most benefit from the systems.

Hardware Control Applications

On each of the hardware devices we provide a licensed GUI (Graphical User Interface) utilising a combination of web and application based solutions we provide each client with the ability to interact with the technology directly.

Graphical User Interface

Hardware control applications have been developed over several years to enable operators and administrators to access and administer the various functions of the devices. Operators are enabled to see basic withdrawal and replenishment functions depending on the level of access granted to that operator, administrators are granted more flexibility and the ability to make changes to the operator access rites and details, location, quantity and information of the part installed within the unit, updates and improvements are constantly being developed to add additional functionality and benefit to our clients.