Vytech Solutions - Consultancy


Design Specification

We take the utmost care when designing and creating solutions for our customers.

We know there is nothing more frustrating than receiving a product which doesn’t match your initial visualisation. This commonly occurs due to a lack of understanding from the designer. Vytech strives to exceed our customers’ expectations by carefully documenting required features in an in-depth design specification document.

We are fully transparent with our customers throughout every stage of the design process, regularly updating them on progress and requesting their feedback. This allows us to address any issues or points of difference and ensures happy customers receiving high quality, bespoke products.

That’s the Vytech difference.

Application Specification

With our years of industry knowledge and experience, we are well placed to provide help and guidance on your technological ventures, significantly reducing the pressures ordinarily exerted on your project’s time and budget.

Contact us today to receive assistance from our expert team!

IT Procurement


The Marketplace software allows users to browse a list of parts and request quotes, all from one easy to use and intuitive webstore interface. This greatly simplifies the procurement process and increases workforce productivity.

Application Specification

We know how difficult it can be to select an IT product. Our team of experts will gladly sit down with you to discuss your exact requirements before you place your order. We can inform you of the best tool for your task, at a suitable price with no hidden costs or strings attached.

Design Services

  • 3-D modelling and virtual walk-through of proposed solution.
  • Bespoke inventory management design and development.
  • List of required site and infrastructure modifications (if any).
  • Installation and integration of hardware.
  • ERP and item replenishment automation.
  • Web-based software integration and reporting interface.
  • Global systems support package via our partner network.
  • Hardware development of new turnkey solutions and devices, such as specialised locker control systems and RFID solutions.
  • Identify bespoke customer requirements (e.g. RFID tracking systems and inventory parts dispensing technologies).
  • Work with building contractors to design the interior layout and facilities requirements for the product.
  • Examine legal regulations and stipulations governing the client location.
  • Advanced and comprehensive software development, including: User Interface development, process design elements, new feature updates, system layout and database interactions, hardware to software logic development and oversee (including oversight) of improvements to non-standard operating processes.

Consultancy Services

  • Suggest ways to improve processes and develop an inventory supply chain management system.
  • System manufacturing and regional specification compliance requirements.
  • Hardware system improvement methodologies, such as: mechanical operation, system to software integration activities and local host to centralised data storage systems.
  • IT support and data integration.
  • Managing installations and setups of new installations and augmentation to current systems.
  • Customer supplier liaison for external IT or facilities requirements directly or indirectly linked to Vytech technology installations.
  • Inventory management control technology related requirements, such as: data cleansing, virtual system integrity and internal system improvement such as reporting tools and business intelligence.
  • Organisational specific process compliance.
  • Data management and analytics solutions
  • Staff awareness and system operation training.